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News and Crime reports that statistically burglary takes place about every eighteen seconds in every state in the US. That adds up to nearly 200 per hour, and approximately 4,800 every day. These are shocking  statistics, but it emphasizes that Home Intrusion is a serious crime one should be highly aware of.  And not just that, burglary has a high tendency to result into a lot of other crimes if not prevented, such as Rape, Assault, Murder and other heinous crimes. So let me ask you these three questions; How safe are your homes?  What are the methods you take to secure your kids at home?  Do you feel Safe and Secure when you leave your home?

With more than 5 years of providing Home Safety, including Surveillance Systems, Personal Alarms, Diversion Safes, and Self Defense Products, we ensure each customer receives the best quality products they can use for their homes.  Safety and Security 4 U provides Safety and Security Products not just for your homes but also for the people living in it. Your Safety is Our Concern. We are an Internet Retail Store specializing in quality products for your home and personal safety. We are committed to providing products to help you keep your home safe, providing topnotch customer service, strong safety awareness, as well development of our products to match your daily needs.

We have a wide range variety of Safety and Security Products that will provide you comfort and peace of mind. For Home Safety we offer Diversion Cameras, Dome Cameras, Dummy Cameras, Hidden Cameras, Door Alarms, Pool Alarms, Motion Activated Alarms, Home Security Alarms, Personal Alarms, Self Installed Security Systems, Security Scanners, Professional Cameras and a lot more. For Personal Safety Products we offer from Animal Repellents to Automotive Safety, Child Safety, Instructional Fighting DvDs, Mace & Pepper Sprays, Blow Guns, Tasers, Batons, Safety Lights, Slingshots. We also sell Survival Gear, such as Water Filters, Paracords, Combination Tool Card, ParaTinder, Solar Power Pack, Solar Oven, Fuel-Free Lighter, and other Miscellaneous Safety and Security Products.

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