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Welcome to Safety & Security 4U

There is no assurance of personal safety in any environment. It is important that you put measures in place to safeguard yourself and property against criminals and acts of crime. There are simple rules to follow to maximize your safety and to also reduce your risk and exposure. Find below a few simple security rules:

  • Walk with a friend whenever possible.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and the people around you, no matter whether it is day or night.
  • When moving alone at night, follow routes that are well-lit and popular. Avoid dark and lonely places.
  • Walk with courage. Show that you are mindful and in control. Body language works very well.
  • Trust your intuition. If someone or something makes you feel fearful, get out or get away.
  • If you feel that you are being followed, move to a busy, populated and well-lit environment such as a public building, store or restaurant and call for assistance.
  • It is important that you have the emergency numbers on speed dial.
  • If for any reason you are out after hours, ensure you stay alert and be mindful of your surroundings.
  • When you are making a choice of parking, avoid secluded parts of the parking lot rather stick to high traffic areas.
  • When out shopping, streamline your luggage. Avoid carrying large bundles or packages. It can distract you from your surroundings and makes you a potential target for a thief.
  • Keep both doors and windows locked even if you are at home or away.
  • Install high-quality locksmith & electronic access control system
  • Don’t stash your keys outside your home
  • Use better quality CCTV & surveillance cameras at home or at your pleace of business
  • Educate your kids on the danger of letting in strangers into your home.
  • If working late, inform the security at your place of work and if need be, ask to be escorted to your car.

Your personal security and safety are paramount and even more so now as the rate of crime in most of our cites are on the rise. Criminals are on the prowl, and even when you take precautions to ensure your safety, you may still be a target for some bad guys, so how do you protect yourself when such incident occurs?

We encourage you to take proactive measures to protect yourself and loved ones from the antics of hard-core and petty criminals. At, we have in stock a variety of personal security and small home security surveillance systems that can serve to protect you and your loved ones from break-ins and other forms of attack before the police or security agents arrive.

Some of the personal security and surveillance equipment that can help protect your life and those of your loved ones include; stun guns, Tasers, spy cameras, pepper spray or gel, and survival gear. 

Stun guns

This is a personal security device that can release a rated amount of volts of electricity on an attacker, temporarily rendering the person incapacitated without causing any permanent damage. The stun gun is a very high voltage, low amperage device that can disable a person receiving the volt of electricity for up to 30 minutes. The normal stun gun is the one that is affixed on a holster that is worn around the waist while some other models are small enough to be carried in a purse or fit in the pocket of a jeans pant or a jacket.

To use a stun gun on an attacker, you must hold it against the body of the person. The electrodes of the unit should be held against a part of the body that doesn’t move such as the shoulder, hip and not on parts such as the arms and hands that can easily be shaken off, thus, limiting the effect the unit is expected to have on the attacker. For maximum impact, the unit must be held against the body of the attacker for a few seconds and much longer if the attacker is a much larger person.  A 3 to 5 second application will cause the loss of balance and muscle control, confusion and disorientation. Stun guns will go through a 1/2 inch of clothing.

Note: Holding on to the person while he is stunned doesn’t transfer the electric voltage to your own body. You are very safe as long as the probes of the unit are not touching you.

We stock a variety of stun guns such as the Trigger and Stun Master stun guns, the flash light, the lip stick, the cell phone, just to name a few. Most of the stun guns we carry have a blinding flashlight that you can shine in your predators’ eyes.  The Double Trouble stun gun is my personal favorite; it packs about 1.2 million volts in a single jolt. The gun is very effective at stopping attackers as the distance between its contact is a large 5 inches. Most stun guns come with a distance of 1.5 inches, making the double trouble more than 3 times more effective than the regular stun guns.

The cell phone stun gun is another great disguise; it will definitely take any attacker unaware, allowing delivery of 12 million volts to stop them in their tracks.


A Taser is an electroshock weapon that can be shot from a distance. A Taser gun shoots probes which are connected to wires toward a target. The probes which are sharp and spear-shaped, can penetrate clothing and sometimes even the skin of the attacker. Moreover, on contact, emitting an electrical current that can affect up to a two-inch area. Your target completes the circuit to deliver the electric shock.

There has been a long held confusion about the difference between stun guns and Tasers and the generally held belief that they are the same thing. Aside from being able to shoot probes from the devices, the stun gun and the Taser both provide a measure of electric volts that is able to incapacitate an attacker for a short while.

The Taser X2 defender kit is one of the most advanced civilian Taser devices on the market. The device comes equipped with a laser, Led, cartridge and a back up shot that comes in very handy when dealing with multiple targets. The Taser X2 is very advanced and has a superb power maintenance that can have it firing over 500 times on a single charge.

Tasers provide an advanced non direct contact with the attacker to achieve your purpose. Unlike stun guns, Tasers can be fired from up to 15 feet away and in some other Tasers, from up to 30 feet away.

At, we stock some of the best civilian Tasers such as The Bolt, Pulse, X2, and X26P.

Pepper Spray & Gel

Pepper spray is made up of the active ingredient Oleoresin Capsicum or OC for short. There are two types of pepper spray, we have the water based and the oil based products. From experience, the oil-based products are usually the best because of their ability to not allow for separation of the active ingredient and the final blend. Pepper sprays are very effective at stopping attackers in their tracks and giving the user plenty of time to escape from the attacks. The gel is even better at stopping attackers. The gel is in a much more sticky form and when used, sticks to the attacker body. The more the attacker tries to rub it off, the better it permeates the skin to give a dose of over 3 million Scoville of heat.

We stock some of the most effective pepper sprays and Gels such as the wildfire pepper gel that comes in 2 Oz,  4 Oz and 9 Oz containers to provide that effective blast. We also have in stock the inert steam pepper spray and one of the most ingenious disguises of pepper sprays, the lip stick pepper spray that contains ½ Oz of spray and an effective distance of 10 feet.

The effect of a pepper spray can last for between 20 to 90 minutes, and it can be fired multiple times from a distance range of between 8 and 20 feet.

The effects of pepper spray can be felt through out the mucous membranes incapacitating the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Although the effect may seem a little severe and life threatening at first, it will disappear within a passing of time and it does not cause lasting damage to the health of the victim. Pepper sprays are rated according to the Scoville Heat Unit or SHU which is graduated from zero (0) – 5,000,000, with the higher number signaling higher intensity.

We stock pepper sprays of different sizes and intensity. We also stock pepper sprays accessories such as key rings and pepper spray holster.  We also carry Mace sprays and foam, including some that contain marking UV dye which could help identify your attacker.

Survival gear

A Survival kit is a pack of essentials that is put together and put away to be used to provide a person or group of people with essential supplies during an emergency. The main purpose of a kit is to ensure that an individual has some life saving tools and supplies to support him or her of during an emergency and for up to 72 hours. They serve to provide the basic necessities, when they become unavailable.  

The survival gear kit could also include life saving tools for when you and your buddies are out camping in the woods or go hiking or even mountain climbing. We have an assortment of ropes, knife set, foldable saws, multi-function combination tools cards that fit quite nicely is your back pocket but comes in very handy to deal with emergencies.

The Paracord Grenade Survival Kit is a must-have gear for the outdoor guy. The kit comes in handy with fire starters, fishing hooks, knives and a very strong cord etc to hold you up in the case of any emergency.

The paracord bracelet is a compass, emergency whistle and flint bar all in one. The ideal bracelet to avoid losing your way in the wild.   We even carry a Tekfire Fuel Free Lighter, which uses a USB cord connected to our PowerPack or phone to charge.

Like I have mentioned earlier, a survival gear composition is primarily dependent on the envisaged situation, but most survival gears contain all of these things listed with only a little tweak here or there. Some will include dried food, snacks, lamps and radios. Other security supplies include lamps, multi-functional tools, cell phone chargers etc.

You can always check out our pre-packaged Survival kits on our website,

We also have gear for survivalists or hikers, such as solar oven bag, as well as a few water filters.

Hidden Camera

The safety and security of your home and property are very important. There are various reasons to install a hidden  camera, whether it’s to determine who might be stealing from you, monitor the activities of home staff such as baby sitters etc or even just keeping tabs on what’s going on in your home and being aware of the state of affairs with your kids and loved ones, a hidden camera is your best shot.

Hidden cameras serve to be the other eye in the room, the one that is usually unnoticed and as such can capture the true state of things and the true nature of any individual.

Hidden cameras can be installed in the car, at our place of business or be set up at any location to achieve our objectives.

Hidden cameras are the right tools to use in busting a crime. You can set them up to catch a neighbourhood thief, arsonist or vandal. Hidden cameras have also been used to determine the fidelity of spouses as they can be as discreet enough to be placed in items such as key holders, pens and regular items.

There are different cameras for different purposes, and they are listed below;

  • Nanny Cameras
  • Hidden Cameras
  • Dummy Cameras
  • Professional Cameras
  • Dome Cameras
  • Wired
  • Wireless
  • Black & White or Color

We carry a number of cameras, such as a dash cam, and rearview mirror which contains dual lenses as well as a dvr, which would be an excellent tool to keep a watch on what your teenager may be doing while driving.

Surveillance Systems

Security is an important factor of our everyday life, no matter the environment it is important that we remain security conscious. While we may have guards at work or around our place of work, it is also important that we put systems in place at locations where we may not have physical guards on surveillance 24/7.

Adequate security surveillance systems are important within and around our home. This will serve to give us notice on any illegal activities that may be occurring there. Even at our places of business, after hours, a well-implemented security surveillance system to serve to support the effort of the few guards at our location in those times. Your Security is serious business, and it must be treated as such.

Security surveillance is implemented by the installation of excellent quality cameras and accompanying accessories. You have both wired and wireless cameras, while some come equipped with motion detectors, others don’t.  The wired camera makes for better image quality and may pose problems with being discreet enough, but the wireless camera has the ability to go stealth and sometimes at the expense of picture quality.

The importance of an adequate surveillance system cannot be over emphasised in this present time of severe security challenges, and that’s why at, we have put together quality surveillance systems sets, to assure you of your peace of mind.

Values of wired over wireless

In our mechanically developed world, we are lucky to have many sorts of cutting-edge hardware accessible to us. Years back, the wired security framework was developed, and this was a huge leap forward in home security. Property holders, at last, felt safe since they could sit back and relax knowing their house was ensured consistently. Today, in the event that you need to introduce a security framework for your home, you would be looking at many alternatives. With custom innovation and the many highlights accessible for security frameworks, a home owner inspired by obtaining a security framework might be confronted with a difficult decision. Most importantly, it is basic to choose whether you need a wired or remote security framework. Be that as it may, many may ask—what's the distinction?

The conventional wired security framework is apparently the most solid security choice available. Wires are connected to each camera which is also connected to a DVR, which allows for an unbeatable connection and camera clarity. Even if you should lose internet connectivity, the wired cameras would still be recording, while wireless cameras would lose the ability to communicate an image because it would quit working.

  • Dependable connection
  • Increases the value of your home when trying to sell
  • Less support after some time — No substitution batteries or equipment
  • Does not get any outside signals or impedance
  • Requires broad establishment — If your home has a considerable measure of important interior features, drilling openings to introduce a wired framework won't be what you need to do
  • No "on the go" checking abilities
  • Wires can be cut

We carry a 1280P 360o wireless camera with a built-in DVR; as well as complete wired systems that allow for up to 16 cameras to be connected to a DVR which you will also be able to access from anywhere in the world.

Why not visit us to today, or feel free to call us if you have any questions, thoughts or inquiries.




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